Work shops and Training Courses

Healing Support Group

Facilitator Jan Tripney (Chairperson Region 12, The Healing Trust) the group includes a guided meditation, healing share, and an open forum for discussion. Open to all members of The Healing Trust and runs on Thursday evenings between 7pm-8.30pm, the group is on zoom, if you are interested in joining us please email me and I will forward the link to you.

Face to face contact healing for those who wish to drop in, held in Edinburgh at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre usually on the last Wednesday of each month from 1pm-4pm, meditation and healing shares, facilitator Jan Tripney, please contact me if you wish to attend.

Residential Retreat - My Life My Way - Opening Up to New Levels of Being and Finding Balance (dates to be advised)

We have had to adapt and find new ways of working through the crises brought into our everyday lives. During this crisis you may have experienced or worked with clients who have experienced the loss of a loved one, loneliness, isolation, compassion fatigue which can be felt by care givers of family members and front-line workers. Difficulties with work responsibilities and complications in the workplace.

Whether you call it personal growth, self-development or wellbeing, this retreat is offering a space to nurture this and support the authentic ‘self’ with life transitions and the need to pause, to be more in touch with this part of ourselves by catching your breath and enabling you to make wise choices. The retreat is providing the opportunity to be with like-minded people in a peaceful environment where you can nurture your ‘self’.

This retreat can provide a contemplative culture and time for quiet, which can support you in reflecting, recharging and reconnecting with your mind, body and spirit. You will have the opportunity to share your own story and hear the stories of others. Connect to and create from the heart centre, all we ask is that you bring an open heart and open mind.

Workshop - Introduction to Crystals their Properties and Colour

Crystals are the record keepers of the earth’s history and information. As we evolve, so has the energy of crystals to help us heal and expand our awareness for today’s world. They are wonderful supportive tools to help us move forward but to do that we have to be ready to take a leap. We can discuss how to choose your crystals, how to use your crystals and where to keep them. We can share our relationship with crystals and how we can harness the energy of the crystals for healing, that can nourish the connection the heart, soul and mind may need. Crystals have a stable energy pattern, each with a unique frequency and energy field, or resonance that gives them special properties. With this they act like tuning forks, helping bring harmony to the unstable energy field of the human body. With the benefits to mental wellbeing, including feelings of increased tranquility, positivity and focus as well as enhanced immunity and pain relief. This interactive workshop will explain the properties of the crystals and how to tap into their healing energy and what colour resonates with you and why. Please bring along your own crystals if you use them.

Workshop - Mental Health

With Jan Tripney (Chairperson of Region 12, Scotland, Healer and Trainee Tutor with The Healing Trust, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist, Reiki Master and Remote Spirit Release Practitioner).

Life can bring many challenges into our own life and the clients’ we see, including bereavement, loneliness, isolation, and compassion fatigue. We are becoming more open about mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, grief and suicidal thoughts. I have worked within the NHS mental health services for 20 years in various settings and locations. It is important that we think about what keeps us mentally well and how we manage clients with mental health conditions that come for healing.

Workshop - Protection

With Jan Tripney:

Living life, we protect ourselves by assessing situations, from crossing the road, work situations, to our relationships with others and ourselves. How do we assess the energetic world and the energies we encounter, for example spirit guides, how do we determine the authenticity of them? We are working within the subtle energetic systems of ourselves and the energetic beings and energetic world around us. How do we know if we are sovereign beings and how do we carry out a spiritual health check on ‘self’ our home and any other areas of our life?

A demonstration of a Remote Spirit Release session (RSR) will be via zoom. This process works with the clients’ higher self and their subtle energy anatomy systems, including the chakras and auric fields, checking that they are functioning at their optimal level. RSR can be viewed as a spiritual health check. With this modality I work with a spirit guide through a trance medium and follow a protocol which takes us through the cleaning and clearing of the subtle energetic systems of the body, home and work environment and any other clearings that may be required. Ensuring that the client is functioning at the optimum level at the end of the session.

Workshop - Soundbath

There are many benefits of the therapeutic use of sound frequencies on all levels of the body, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self. It can help reduce stress, anxiety, chronic pain and support the ‘self’ to re-wire’ negative thought patterns and beliefs by creating new neuro pathways. It can also reduce feelings of fatigue and lethargy and promote clear thinking and creative solutions and bring the whole body into a state of balance.

For this experience you simply lie back and relax, with a blanket over you and allow yourself to be taken on a journey. Beginning with a guided meditation and using a wide range of musical instruments including singing bowls, you can allow the vibrational rhythm of the sounds to soothe the body and help reset the balance of the ‘self’.

Workshop - Tarot Cards

This workshop is going to take you on a journey with the tarot cards. Tarot is a modality that can help us gain greater insight into our current situations and honour our intuition and show potential outcomes. Starting out with tarot you begin by building up a relationship with the cards. Tarot is a tool that facilitates talking about things, this workshop will take you through the processes of how to work with tarot. There is a special mystical energy with the cards and a connection with people that open them up and melt away the walls they have and allow changes to come in. Intuiting is a big part of a tarot reading, that’s what makes it special, it is where energy comes in, being able to sense what someone is feeling, thinking, or going through. Therefore, keeping an open mind and trusting one’s own intuition is important. Please bring your tarot cards if you have them.

Mental Health First Aid Training a 2 day course.

Qualification: Level 6 Award [SCQF] in Leading First Aid for Mental Health, valid for 3 years

Each year approximately 1 in 4 people in the the UK will experience a mental health condition and at least 1 in 6 employees experience common mental health problems in the workplace. Research has shown that work is the biggest cause of stress which can stop people performing at their best. Mental health conditions are often hidden.

This 2-day course goes into detail on a wide range of mental health conditions and the support and help provided by healthcare professionals. It is open to those who work with clients and aimed at trainers, and supervisors within the workplace.

Learning outcomes include:

Know what mental health is.

Why people develop mental health conditions.

Understanding the role of a First Aider for Mental Health.

Gain an understanding of a range of mental health conditions and the support/therapy provided by professional healthcare providers.

Know how to provide advice and practical support for a person presenting with a suspected mental health condition.

Understand the first aid action plan for mental health and be able to put it in place.

Know how to implement a positive mental health culture in the work place.

Courses: face to face and via zoom.

Please be mindful that this is a 2 day course and you must attend the 2 days to receive your certificate. The certificate is awarded through Nuco Training Ltd who are an Approved Training Centre with First Aid Awards Ltd an Ofqual Regulated Awarding Organisation.

Date of next course Saturday 11th May and Sunday 12th May 2024. Venue The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh.

Retreat Organiser: If you need any further information, or wish to book a place on the retreat, feel free to contact me by email.

Or ring on 07903736659.