Welcome, I'm Jan Tripney, Integrative Practitioner.

I have over 30 years of education and experience in mental health, spiritual well-being, mystical experiences, esoteric traditions and the practical implications of bringing a sense of ‘oneness’ into our everyday lives. This has led me on journeys of spiritual awareness and I learned that when you travel deeper into your internal world you experience transitions from being limited by physical boundaries, to being one of boundless and formless modes. It is through this experience that I have learned the significance of my own spiritual emergence.

This has led me to embrace new ways of being and incorporate a more integrative approach to mental health and well-being, integrating models that include spiritual well-being of ‘self’, our communities, ecology and the planet.

My Services

The origin of the word psychotherapy is Greek and means the ‘healing of the soul’. Having worked extensively with the spiritual aspect of the ‘self’, spirit is the non-physical part of our being, often described as the ‘higher self’, ‘true self’, or ‘spiritual self’. This is the part of our ‘self’ which knows more about us than our everyday consciousness and connecting with this part can generate healing at a deep level.

Past Life Regression

There are many layers to the ‘self’ and if we view the ‘self’ as an open system, the journey into past life[s] may be uncharted territory for some clients. When we step inside our ‘self’ and begin the journey of ‘self’ exploration whilst at the same time retaining our awareness and objectivity and reality as perceived by the 5 senses this can be a thought-provoking journey. Because you are being opened up to the awareness of a dimension of reality you may have not experienced before.


Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic treatment and can support the client with making changes to healthier habits, or responses to certain situations. It involves being guided into a deep state of relaxation, to relax the body and still the analytical mind. This process creates access to the subconscious mind where the suggestions for change are made and can produce meaningful positive change in just a few sessions.

Remote Spirit Release and Psychic Self Defense

This intervention can be viewed as a spiritual health check-up. Life can bring to us traumatic and transforming experiences which can expand our sense of ‘self’ and our understanding of reality and awaken the curious in us. This can lead to an exploration of our inner and outer worlds a world beyond the 5 senses. When you are working with the body, mind, and spirit continuum they are inseparable, working with the whole person, how can you be in harmony with the ‘self’ if you work with these parts in isolation.

Energy Healing and Reiki

Healing is an ancient therapy that is natural and helps the body by restoring balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the body. The healer attunes and connects with the healing energy and will channel this energy through their hands into the client. Energy Healing can be viewed as a holistic system that enables the body to heal and maintain optimum health on all levels of functioning.

How do we strengthen our resilience in times of crises? If we are to become more resilient, we must adapt and evolve and develop practical, emotional and spiritual skills to help support ourselves.

We create a potential space for like-minded individuals, to discuss, to participate in meditation practices, visualisations, mindfulness, development groups, healing groups and to learn about the subtle energy systems. We have a range of workshops on offer over the next year.

Sessions & Fees


£60 per session

Energy Healing

£30 per session

Past Life Regression

£70 per session


£50 per session

Remote Spirit Release and

Psychic Self Defense

£120 per session

There are reduced rates for those on a low income.

My Location

I provide psychotherapy, past life regression, hypnotherapy, energy healing, remote spirit release and psychic self defense in Edinburgh and online. I am located in central Edinburgh and provide face to face sessions in Edinburgh and Lothians.

I also provide zoom and telephone services. Please contact me below if you would like to find out more information.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: variable working hours to accommodate the different daily work schedules of clients.

Saturdays 10am - 4pm.

What3Words location : ///times.tube.bets

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the therapies on offer. Please email me through the contact form below or you can call me on +447903736659 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first.