The origin of the word psychotherapy is Greek and means the ‘healing of the soul’. Having worked extensively with the spiritual aspect of the ‘self’, spirit is the non-physical part of our being, often described as the ‘higher self’, ‘true self’, or ‘spiritual self’. This is the part of our ‘self’ which knows more about us than our everyday consciousness and connecting with this part can generate healing at a deep level.

My approach also recognises the importance of links and patterns from our past and includes working to change thoughts and behaviour and looking at the potential of each client for growth, as well as working on the more spiritual aspects, when and if appropriate.

I take my lead from the client on how far they wish to work with their spiritual self. You do not need to feel spiritual or have any interest in spirituality to benefit from a psycho-spiritual approach to psychotherapy.

I provide a safe space where clients can discuss their difficulties. Each client is unique and brings their own issues and goals. You can experience healing and relief through sharing your narrative in a safe, therapeutic space and that may be all you need or want.

My work is based on the Jungian approach. Within this framework the client can bring their spiritual experiences, which can often manifest in symbolic imagery, a non-verbal experience which cannot be reduced to purely rational terms, for examination and exploration and look at their relevance to psychological health.

Through the process of becoming more self-aware, transformations can take place, the client can see what is out of balance within their psyche. This can empower the client to consciously make changes that will help them become more balanced and integrated and take personal responsibility for their life choices.

This approach does not promote a particular belief system but acknowledges the client’s spiritual experiences. We provide a framework that values and is open to exploring spiritual experiences and altered states. Where the client can explore their internal world and processes and make sense of their own meaning making.

Psychotherapy can provide a safe space to explore and process all aspects of the self- including the spiritual by:

  • Providing support with difficult thoughts and feelings
  • Gaining a better understanding of your thoughts and feelings
  • Providing new perspectives which allow you a greater range of choice and opportunities
  • Helping you to explore and think about and prioritise choices about the future
  • Supporting your exploration of the spiritual aspects of your ‘self’
  • Helping you navigate your life path

The Benefits of Psychotherapy

  • Self-compassion
  • A better understanding of yourself and others
  • The development skill for improving relationships
  • Increased awareness of strengths and areas of difficulty
  • Ability to think rather than react in difficult situations
  • More flexibility in attitudes and behaviours
  • Improved relationship with your internal and external world
  • An acceptance of ‘self’
  • Increased self-worth, self-love and self-esteem
  • Development of a sense of meaning in life

Psychotherapy Fees

For a free initial consultation please contact me.

Regular Sessions

£60 - 50 mins

There is a reduced rate for those on low income. These sessions can also take place on zoom / telephone.